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15 Tell-Tale Signs You're a Mum

by Red Solace (follow)
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You know you're a mum when...

Motherhood changes our lives in many different ways; the simplest day-to-day activities become a thing of the past!

Here are just a few examples, which I'm sure you can relate to:

'Me time' is non-existent

1. You don't care if your clothes smell of baby puke. Just getting dressed is an achievement!

2. A 10-minute shower feels like a spa day. Having the door closed is a bonus.

3. Drinking a hot cup of tea is a treat.

4. Being watched whilst sitting on the toilet is the norm.

5. You learn the art of eating dinner in record timing.

6. A trip to the supermarket alone feels like a holiday.

Nothing grosses you out

7. You don't think twice about catching vomit with your hands.

8. You start willing your baby to poo – then have no problem discussing its appearance.

9. Baby wipes are used to clean everything.

10. You don't mind sniffing your baby's butt in public.

You don't matter anymore

11. You are still watching the kids channel when your little one has fallen asleep.

12. You will happily sing, ‘Twinkle Twinkle' on repeat (and end up humming it throughout the day).

13. Your handbag is now the changing bag with your keys, phone and purse wedged in.

14. You are willing to lie awake in the most uncomfortable position, as long as it means baby gets some sleep.

15. Your little one is sick and you would do anything to switch places with them.

And the list goes on! There are plenty more things that we do and some have probably become normal without us even realising.

Which tell-tale sign shows that you're a mum?

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