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5 Reasons To Shop For Secondhand Clothes

by EricaL (follow)
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Do you buy secondhand clothes for yourself or your kids? If not, maybe it's time to change your buying habits.

According to the 2019 Fashion Resale Report secondhand clothing is said to make up one third of our wardrobes by the year 2033.

"Not surprisingly, the younger generations are leading this charge, with millennials and Gen Z adopting secondhand at double the rate of any other age group." - ThredUP.

This isn't a bad turn of events, as we all know that buying secondhand not only helps your bank balance, but also the environment. Here are 5 great reasons why you should embrace secondhand fashion for your family.

You'll save money if you buy second hand

There's no denying it, buying new clothes is expensive, particularly if you want quality threads. Costs add up quickly when you have kids that outgrow their clothes every year, and need new ones every winter and summer. A new, quality pair of jeans for example can cost hundreds. Seek the same gently worn brand either online or in a secondhand store and you'll save so much. It makes financial sense to buy recycled.

Kids grow up quickly but their clothes don't!

Buying new clothes for children is expected, and unavoidable, especially for certain items kids are always going to need that age quickly, such as socks, underwear, shoes and swimwear. All these types of clothes are better bought new rather than second hand for sanitary reasons.

However, for other things such as dresses, dancewear and seasonal items such as ski jackets, secondhand is ideal. This is because children grow up so quickly, special occasion clothes are often only worn a handful of times before they are donated to charities. Head to your nearest secondhand kids market or shop and you'll be amazed at how many of the clothes are close to new, or completely unworn because they never fit.

Secondhand offers more variety than the high street

When you shop for the latest fashions in the high street, you're going to see the same trends for the season everywhere. This can be quite boring if you don't like "what's in", both for yourself and your kids. Shopping secondhand exposes you to a far greater variety of fashions than you'll find on the high street. Who wants to look like everyone else anyway?

If you're savvy you might actually make money

Truth be told, you might find an expensive label or two if you shop secondhand. By doing so, you can dress your family in high-end fashion pieces on the cheap, and once you're done with them, and they've survived your kids, you can sell these brands again on sites like eBay. Win win!

Buying secondhand is better for the planet

Buying brand new children's clothing is expensive but another huge reason to choose recycled over new, is the questionable manufacturing of much of the clothing hanging in our kids wardrobes. The (un)ethical conditions of such practices in making new clothes are often brought to the limelight in the Who made your clothes? campaign.

A huge amount of water, chemicals and dye is used in the manufacturing process of new fabrics too, which puts a terrible strain on the planet. 85% of textiles end up in our already overflowing landfill sites too, so by choosing secondhand over new, you are saving clothes from trash. This in turn reduces the demand for manufacturers to make new fashion. As kids become more environmentally aware, their clothes can become a way for them to contribute to looking after the planet, and it also gives them a reason to take better care of their clothes, so that they can eventually be donated in good condition.

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