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5 Signs Your Child Is Gifted

by Gem (follow)
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Every child is precious and unique and they all grow and develop in their own way.

However, what if you have an inkling your child might be naturally gifted? Do you know how to spot the signs?

Here are a few observations you can make of your child that could indicate you have a bright little button on your hands:

1. Oral Language

Language is often a key indicator. When looking for signs of giftedness, it is important to look at the child’s language. Did they learn to speak early? Do they pick up language with ease? Gifted children often have a high-vocabulary and an ability to learn language quickly and easily.

If you are a parent, then you know that young children love asking why all the time. Gifted children are no exception to this stage. However, when they ask the why questions, they won’t settle until they receive detailed answers and explanations.

2. Understanding Language

Gifted children can understand language and the situations around them from a very young age. They can pick up on cues that might go over the heads of other children their age. This means they can often understand adult conversations and can even pick up on sarcastic humour!

3. Instructions

If your child, as a toddler, has the ability to understand and carry out multiple step instructions, then they may be a gifted child.

For example, “Please go to table and get your green drink bottle and put it in the blue bag so we can go to the park.”

4. Reading

Gifted children can often grasp early reading skills prior to starting formal schooling. This may start from recognising letters of the alphabet and numerals at a young age, to three letter words, names of people in the family or even reading short sentences.

5. Ability To Learn

Gifted children thrive on learning and it can often seem effortless to them. They can focus on a new subject area, or one that they are particularly interested in, for a long time.

Have they just discovered dinosaurs? Then they will pour themselves into it and learn all there is to know.

Their ability to learn is often coupled with a great ability to retain and recall information. They will remember a piece of information that someone told them a year before, along with where they were on that day and possibly the clothes they were wearing!

When learning a new activity, they will need little instruction or to be told only once. Do not be surprised if they end up creating their own way to do things or to adapt an activity or game. Children who are gifted are usually very imaginative and creative.

These are just a handful of signs that may indicate that your child is gifted. It is by no means set in concrete.

Whether your child is gifted or not, remember all children thrive in an environment where they can play, create and engage and socialise with other people.

Has your child shown any other signs? Let us know!

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