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5 Tips To Be More Organised For School

by BecSorby (follow)
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Does the morning school run leave you feeling exhausted? Try these tips to make weekdays less stressful.

2019 marked the start of my familyís plunge into the world of primary school, when our eldest daughter starting kindergarten. It's been a big leap from doing as we pleased on a Monday morning to needing to be somewhere by no later than 9am each day, and we've already learned plenty of valuable lessons.

If you find that Monday mornings (or even Sunday evenings) are absolute chaos, trying to make sure everyone has everything they need for the week ahead, these tips will help you to be more organised.

Work out what is the biggest cause of your school morning dramas and fix it first

Is it a never-ending washing pile, in which school shirts are left buried until Monday morning? Lost homework or socks? Last minute lunchbox issues? The logistics of getting everyone in the car?

My biggest drama used to be getting my children to eat breakfast. They always wanted to get up and play before eating and getting dressed and it all became such a rush. Now Iíve gotten into the habit of getting them dressed for school straight away once they get out of bed, then sitting down with them to eat. They wear a robe over their clothes to avoid getting messy and if they do kick up a fuss about eating breakfast, I can always grab something for them to eat on the way for them like a yoghurt.

There are so many things to think about when it comes to getting organised for the school week, but if you pinpoint what your biggest problem is, it makes planning much easier.

Try to food prep on the weekend

Iím not taking full meal prep like the super organised/super fit folks you see on Instagram (not that thereís anything wrong with that) but just simple things. This could include taking a few minutes to peel and chop veggies and fruits for morning tea/sip and crunch, or making pastries that can be frozen, or decanting yoghurt or dip into tubs.

Try and keep on top of the washing (easier said than done)

I write this as two baskets of dried washing remain neatly folded in baskets in the lounge room, where they will probably stay for the next week. Washing is a never ending job, but staying on top of the school uniform washing so that everything is dried and put away before Monday will help a lot. You can even ask older kids to have their clothes laid out the night before so there's no need to search for lost items or iron anything at the last moment.

Check school bags on Friday afternoon

You seriously never know what you will find in a school bag once the week is over. Think notes from the school that need to be signed, uneaten lunches and in the case of a kindy kid, maybe even a pair of soiled undies. Imagine the smell if itís left over the summer school holidays. Eww.

Use a calendar or weekly planner

Have you noticed just how much paperwork comes home from school? Itís a lot! Too much to keep track of, which is why parents often have to scramble at the last minute. There's nothing worse than trying to find a Book Week outfit the night before, except maybe turning up to school on the day without one!

A calendar or weekly planner makes recording important dates, events, projects due and of course, times that require some form of costume. Be sure to put the calendar somewhere you can see it daily, or if you prefer a digital version, set alerts to remind you about them the week before. An in-tray for notes to be signed, can also help you keep track of all the things that need to be done for school.

By spending a few minutes getting organised each week, you can take control of each school day and running around like a headless chicken every morning.

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