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Dealing With Postpartum Hair Loss

by Jemma Fletcher (follow)
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Across our platform of online mum groups, members regularly ask each other for advice and suggestions on a range of topics.

A popular question commonly asked is "What can I do to fix my postpartum hair loss?"

While it's natural to feel alarmed, postpartum hair loss is a normal and temporary phase, caused by increased levels of estrogen in your body during pregnancy.

As other mums have gone through the same experience though, we've collated some of their suggestions on what worked for them:

Shampoo and conditioner:

"Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Don't use supermarket rubbish."

"Swear by Nioxin! It's expensive, but you can get it cheaper on sites like Catch Of The Day."

"Mine was the same. Use an awesome nourishing shampoo and treatment and it's heaps better now."


"Have your vitamins and minerals tested for deficiency, and I used castor oil for my scalp and eye brows every night. It comes right eventually."

"Brewers Yeast tablets!"

"Yes, but try blackmores nails hair & skin formulation - I'm seeing results!"

Essential oils:

"You could try using rosemary essential oil for hair growth."

"Yes! rosemary oil definitely helped with my growth."

"I am a big fan of essential oils for my hair as even my hairdresser has said what a massive difference it has made to my hair (seriously my hair was in such bad condition and she was having to completely bleach it every time as it wasn't holding colour)."

"Rosemary oil can make such a difference. Add 1 to 2 drops to your shampoo everytime you wash."

" I used peppermint essential oil from Young Living.. Put two drops on my shampoo every time i wash my hair..."

"I started using coconut oil on my hair and found a coconut oil spray to use too."

Extra tips:

"Plaiting my hair at night meant I wasn't finding handfuls on my pillow every morning."

"It's unfortunately one of those things that your just going to have to ride out :( I just tried not to brush or wash it as often and I would hang my head over the bed and massage my scalp for circulation."

"I ate lots of sesame, brushed less and softly and had a swisse hair, skin and nails supplement."

"Now I'm careful when I'm washing my hair, I massage my scalp with my finger tips and not with nails."

It can possibly be a sign of hormone imbalances and deficiencies. A simple blood test will be able to confirm this:

"Mine did this too and is still happening now (she is 2 next week). It is very normal and can just be the hormones, however it can also be a sign that something is wrong with your thyroid (mine is because of my thyroid). I wouldn't worry about it yet, but maybe get it checked out if it still happening in a couple of months."

"Wouldn't hurt to get a check up. I was told it can be normal post pregnancy but you can also get postpartum thyroiditis. Could get a check up with your GP."

Can you suggest anything else? Let us know!

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