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Five Reasons Why You Should Travel With Kids

by EricaL (follow)
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Reasons why you should expose your children to the world from a young age

There are countless memes floating around on social media, which suggest that holidaying with kids is not all fun and games, but is it really that bad? No it's not.

Travelling as a family is one of the best experiences you can give to your children. Without further ado, here are our top five reasons why you should travel with kids.

Exposure to new cultures

It's easy to get trapped in our own little bubbles, forgetting about the diversity of the world's many cultures. Travelling to different countries or regions, exposes children to new cultures and customs, which helps instill a sense of understanding and acceptance of others early on in life.

To appreciate how great and vast our beautiful planet is

It's hard for a child to gage distances on a map or from a toy globe. Jumping on a plane however and travelling multiple hours, gives a child a better sense of just how vast our planet is.. and that's a good thing. To give a child a perspective on the vastness of our earth, ingrains a sense of humbleness. Learning such a trait from a young age is hugely beneficial for a child growing up in a diverse world.

See the world for real and not through a screen

Travelling with children allows your little ones to see the world's natural and mad-made wonders in real life. Now that children have access to the internet, often using handheld devices before they can even walk, means they can see the world's wonders through a variety of screens. But seeing such wonders through a screen vs for real is a completely different experience. Obviously the latter is far better on all senses, not just sight.

The chance to try new foods

Children aren't often exposed to much varieties of foods at home. Though this is not any fault of busy, hard-working parents because in the western world we tend to reach out to convenience and fall upon "safe" dishes that we know the kids will actually eat. Travelling to new countries means there is no choice but to try new foods. This exposes kids to new tastes, new spices, and who knows, maybe a love for a completely different cuisine.

To create life-long family memories

Travelling the world creates such incredible memories for your family. Memories that will, quite often, last a lifetime. Even if your children are quite young and may not remember much about your travel experiences, you will, and you can recall these moments with your children in the years to come.

Travelling the world with children is a wonderful thing to do, although admittedly (can be) a costly affair. If you are able to expose your children to the world, even countries a short distance away, you are treating them to a truely wonderful life experience that is impossible to compare to anything else.

The question is, will your family's global travels lead to your child's own wanderlust adventures later on in life? Let's hope so.. and so the cycle continues.

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