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How my second pregnancy is different from my first

by Sally (follow)
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One of these pregnancies is not like the other

Ahhh pregnancy. This joyous time in a woman's life where her body completely changes and the hormones completely take over.

I loved being pregnant with my firstborn. The cute little bump outfits and bump photos, baby showers, decorating a nursery and experiencing those kicks for the first time. It was a magical time. Yes I was tired and sick. But I could rest when I got home from work and everyone made a big fuss of me.

My second pregnancy, hmmmm, don't love it quite so much. Chasing after a toddler while carrying a giant watermelon under my shirt is not easy. I can't rest until the toddler decides to go to sleep at night which can take hours with the two year sleep regression. Nobody is making as much of a fuss and who has time for bump photos, baby showers and decorating. This baby is lucky if I remember to go to my midwife appointments.

It is not all gloom and doom, the little baby at the end of the road will be the big reward. But it's been a shock with how different pregnancy is this time round. Here are just five ways a second pregnancy can differ from your first.

1. How far along am I??

I religiously followed my pregnancy app updates with my first pregnancy. I knew exactly how far along I was to the day and which vegetable my baby measured up against.

This time round, I have a rough idea of how far along I am, but I don't usually think about it until the calendar tells me I have my next doctors appointment. Its not that I don't care about this little baby. Life is just so much busier now.

2. Woah where did that bump come from??

I look back at photos of my cute little baby bump during my first pregnancy. I thought I was so big, but who was I kidding. Second time round my bump was about the same size during my second trimester as what it was the day I gave birth to my first born. I popped so early this time round and there is no doubt I am bigger. My body just remembered what to do.

3. I'm so tired, when can I rest??

The first time round I did pregnancy pilates, bootcamp and yoga. I took all my vitamins and kept track of my calories. When I got home from work, I just went to bed and slept. The weekends I napped for hours on end. In short, I took way better care of myself.

The second time round I constantly forget to eat while chasing after my toddler. My vitamins sit there and I maybe remember to take them every second day. I average 7 hours of sleep at night, but third trimester tiredness is no joke and I am sick with tiredness. But with work, a toddler and a house to take care of, there is no time for rest and relaxation. Instead, I just grin and bear it and pray that the husband is feeling generous enough to give me a foot rub every so often. It is a whole new level of tiredness.

4. I'm due in six weeks, but I am not ready

I had lists upon lists of things to do during my first pregnancy. My beautiful bespoke nursery was done by 30 weeks.

This time round I am way more relaxed about getting ready for the baby. Which means that I may not actually be ready. Time has just flown by and I barely even know what still needs to be done, let alone done it. But hey, I have a car seat, clothes and nappies and if I have learnt anything by being a Mum, it is that newborns don't need much more than the comfort of Mum and their milk.

The biggest difference though between these two pregnancies is I know that no matter what motherhood throws at me, I can handle it. I have the confidence and tribe behind me to tackle the hard days, and I know how much incredible love is coming my way.

This is what is different for me. What changes have you noticed between your first and second pregnancies?


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