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How To Quckly And Easily Childproof Your Home

by Carolyn Ziegler (follow)
Carolyn Ziegler; Co-founder and Product Development Director of global child safety and care brand, Dreambabyģ has been involved in child safety for 35 years. Carolynís work has extended to various affiliations with other child safety organisations and initiatives, including the ďKids Canít FlyĒ campaign through Westmead Childrenís Hospital.
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6 tips to make your home a safe place!

Childproofing neednít be expensive and it can be done quickly and easily.

1. Start by getting down on all fours and look up at the world from the point of view of a crawling child. Itís amazing the hidden dangers you will immediately identify, such as dropped coins (a choking hazard) and medicines (a poison and choking hazard).

Pick up anything you see on the floor and regularly sweep and vacuum your floors. Move sharp objects, knives and poisons including medicines out of the reach of children. Keep them up high where they canít be reached and in secured cupboards. That includes cleaning materials which are often stored under the sink.

2. The quickest way to childproof high-danger areas such as kitchens and bathrooms is by blocking off these rooms with child safety gates. If you are renting, choose a pressure mounted gate as these donít require drilling into walls. You can install them in a couple of minutes.

Also make sure you also block off stairs by installing gates at the top and bottom. Gates are very affordable these days so worth the investment.

3. Avoid Scalds or burns as they are a major cause of long-term damage to children. Hot water from the tap can scald in seconds. Check that your hot water is set below 50C. Also secure toilets Ė they are a poisoning hazard and can even be a drowning one.

4. Remove tablecloths as crawling children can reach up and pull them down, which is a problem if you have heavy articles on the table. This includes pepper grinders and candlesticks as they will come tumbling down and potentially harm your child.

5. Reconsider your coffee table. Choose either a very rounded cornered table that is really solidly made (NO GLASS), or nothing at all. Remember to also keep an eye on any food and coffee that you place on your table as they can be a hazard of their own.

6. If your cupboards and drawers donít lock with a key then keep children out of cabinets and drawers by properly securing them with a variety of inexpensive child locks and latches.

Try a variety of different locks throughout the home. Kids learn through repeated observation. By using a variety of different locks and latches that work in different ways, it becomes harder for young children to work out how to open them. Also, make sure you have the right lock or latch for each cupboard depending on the type of handle.

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