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Please Yourself

by Aunty Jess (follow)
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Please yourself in 2019!

So here we are in 2019, and the pressure is on.
"On for what?" I hear you ask.

The pressure is on for us to please everybody.
Our parents, our children, our partners, our friends, extended family, employers and the list goes on.


Where is this pressure coming from? Who is applying this pressure? Who is setting these standards for us to live up to?

So many of us spend a huge chunk of our lives worrying about what people think of us and whether we are meeting expectations. I do believe some of this pressure does come from our peers, some comes from an older generation and a lot of it comes from ourselves.

I was talking today about pressure from the older generation, parents and grandparents want us all to meet someone spectacular, that either treats us amazingly well just like their partners did or if their partners treated them badly it has to be someone that is the complete opposite of that. We have to choose someone that fits with us and only us, they are with you not your family and friends.

We have to have a job that brings us money, promotions and as little working hours as possible yet is it bringing us happiness? Can we not just follow the motto of work to live not live to work?

The pressure is on to fit in as many after-school activities as possible, have your child reading and writing before they even start school, and to constantly be at the same level academically as all others in the same age bracket.

We all learn different things at different rates, and no 2 children can come out of school and both tell us that they have learnt exactly the same things. Our brains are wired differently, therefore we take different information on board.

We all learn how to be parents on the fly. Everyday is a lesson to us all, and no two days are the same. Children do not come with instructions, and we all have to wing it. If it works then it's a win, and if it doesn’t, try something else.

So, yes, the pressure is on for us to have the best house, car, dress to a particular standard, eat healthily, exercise more, work harder, earn more money, marry well etc. but the only person that can truly apply the pressure for you to reach these expectations is yourself.

You are the only person that will know if you are content in life and stop worrying about others judging you. If others are judging you and your lifestyle then they need to stop. Let's help each other just reach our personal goals. Don’t knock each others confidence.

I really think the world could be a better place if we could all help each other out more but live our own lives just like they did generations ago.

So when you wake up tomorrow, tell yourself that your biggest goal is to “please yourself”.

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