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Self Care Tips for Mums

by Sally (follow)
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Caring for yourself is just as important as caring for your kids.

I'm a huge believer in self care. I believe that balancing being a mother, partner and also an individual is essential to being a whole and happy person. Of course when it comes to daily life, the kids needs usually come first, but if you neglect yourself for too long, mummy burn out will eventually kick in.

Here are my top self care tips that always help to put balance back into my life...and the swing back in my step. Indulging in just one or all of these gives me the vigour to tackle motherhood with a renowned sense of joy.

Pamper Session at Home

As a stay at home mum, I can't afford to go to a day spa or beauty salon often (or ever). But that doesn't mean that I don't want to feel pretty from time to time. So every few months I send my husband out with the toddler for a few hours and I set up my own day spa. I start with an at home 'facial' which includes cleansing and exfoliating my skin, before using a face mask. I follow it up with shaving my legs, a mani-pedi and a hair mask, all while wearing a bathrobe in a bathroom filled with scented candles and music. Bliss.

Go It Alone

Is there any greater sense of freedom than going somewhere - anywhere - completely and utterly ALONE. No toddler to drag. No newborn needing to be put down for a sleep. No husband asking a million questions.

Alone time can be anything. A 15 minute walk around the block. Grocery shopping. Grabbing a take away coffee. Even driving to the petrol station alone with rap music blasting is self care for me! Aim for just 30 minutes a week and see how you feel. The ultimate alone time though? Going to a movie!

See Your Friends

I love my partner and children, but my gorgeous group of girlfriends never fail to make me laugh and give me a new perspective on just about any problem I may be facing. We do monthly dinners at alternating houses where one of us cooks and we all gossip and laugh until the late hours of 9 or 10pm. Best of all? Our kids are not there. So we can drink wine and swear.

Put Your Mind On Not Being A Mother

Before having my child, I absolutely loved to read. I would devour books on just about any topic. Now the only time I read is articles with titles like Why is my baby's poop green? Reading provides a wonderful sense of escapism, so why shouldn't I escape sometimes? Reading a magazine, novel or even a news article that has nothing to do with parenting can provide your mind with a wonderful break from being in mum mode.

Move Your Body

We all know the benefits of exercise so I'm not going to bang on about endorphins and being healthy. However it is the epitome of self care. It really is. Plus it can be combined with alone time!

What are your tips for self care? Please comment below on more ways of how mums can take care of ourselves.

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