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Simple Chores For Little Kids

by BecSorby (follow)
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Some super simple chores that preschoolers can help with.

My two daughters are at a stage where they love helping me do little chores around the house. The youngest usually helps with some really simple things, like putting her own rubbish in the bin, opening the door to let the doggie out, and closing all the doors when we are heading out so said doggie doesn't leave muddy footprints all over the carpets.

They both help bring the shopping in from the car, while the older child likes to help with putting the shopping away, loading the eggs (very carefully) into the tray in the door and helping to pack away her own toys. It got me thinking about the sort of chores I can encourage them to help me with.

I’m not trying to make them into my own personal maids, but rather helping them to develop good habits such as tidying up after themselves, putting their own items away and taking an interest in looking after our little dog. And let’s face it: a bit of help around the house would be nice.

Here are some simple chores for that little kids can do.

Packing up their own toys and books

This one is a bit of a given! If they get it all out, they can put it all away. Packing up their toys once they are done playing with them, or even just before they go to bed, will help keep the house organised, plus will save you constantly picking stuff up from the floor. It helps to have a well organised play space so they know where everything goes and so you all can find it again without pulling it all apart.

You might find that having a ‘clean up song’ could help make the task ‘fun’, or you could make a game out of it. You can find various clean up songs on the internet.

Helping to put the shopping away

Along with carrying light items from the car to the kitchen, my children like to help me put some of the produce away, such as putting the fruit and vegetables into correct spaces in the fridge, and things onto the lower shelves and cupboards. It might not sound like a lot of help and at first, it took far longer than it should have, but they are learning that everything has a place, even from their early age.

Helping find items at the supermarket or grocery store

Only one of my children fits in the front of the supermarket trolley now, so giving them a screen to watch no longer cuts it. Can you imagine the fight if I tried to give one child a screen and not the other? No thanks. While I try to avoid taking them to the shops in the first place, sometimes it can’t be helped. They may find it fun to help you try and find the items on your list as they spot the item first and help put it in the trolley.

Emptying the dishwasher or dry the dishes

Obviously I’m not talking about knives, glasses and scissors, but the kids can help put away containers, their own plates and cutlery and anything that isn’t easily breakable or with a sharp edge.

Sorting the washing into baskets

This is another easy one that helps them to learn to recognise their own things. They can sort towels, dishcloths, teatowels, socks and undies into the various baskets, ready to be folded and put away. It’s a never-ending job, but getting the kids involved might help you out a bit (I stress ‘might’) and you don’t have to worry about what the kids are doing while you are tackling the pile of laundry. They may also get bored after two minutes, but hey, at least you tried.

Helping take care of pets

This is another easy task and will teach the kids how to take care of another living thing. They can get involved with simple tasks such as letting pets out to do their business, feeding them, helping to wash and dry them and giving them a brush, plus any cleaning, such as a fish tank.

These are just a few simple ways to get the kids involved in keeping the house a little bit more organised and helping with pets. For more great organising tips, read on here.

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