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Six Ways To Support A New Mum

by Sally (follow)
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Practical ideas to be a good friend and help

I am a big believer that no matter the life circumstances of a new Mum, whether they are a first time Mum, veteran Mum or even if you think they are totally composed, ALL new Mums need some support along the way.

It takes a village to raise a child. However in this crazy time we live in, many new Mums are lacking the support needed to get through those early days of having a new baby in the house.

As a second time Mum to a newborn baby, here are six ways you can support a new Mum. These all tremendously helped me!

Go For A Walk

New Mums spend a lot of time at home. It can be so hard to leave the house, between the prams, poo explosions and feeds, and it can also be really daunting for a lot of us. But going outside for a walk is a great way to feel connected to the outside world, get some exercise and clear your head.

So offering to go for a walk with a new Mum is a great way to help. If she is struggling, go to her house and hold the baby while she gets her things ready and then offer to push the pram so she can hold her coffee. A walk is also a great non intrusive way of enquiring how she is in a more relaxed way. She may be more likely to open up while her body is engaged in another activity.

Bring Freezer Friendly Snacks For HER

New Mums get really hungry but probably don't get much of a chance to eat. Their hands are full and especially if they are breastfeeding, you get STARVING. Most guests to a new Mum's house are kind enough to bring a meal to help her in the early days. But another way to help is to bring freezer friendly snacks for her that she can grab on the go. Healthy oat bars, muffins, smoothie bags and vegetable slices will be a godsend to a hungry frazzled Mother.

Offer To Pick Up Groceries On The Way

When somebody asks if you need anything, our knee jerk response is normally to say "No thanks I am fine". So on the way over to a new Mum's house, give her a call or send her a text offering to pick up anything she needs from the grocery store. But to avoid the "No thanks" response, word it in a way that you are going to go to the grocery store anyway. So she doesn't feel like you are going out of your way and she is obligated to say no. Even go as far to say "Can I get you nappies, wet wipes, coffee, milk, bread etc". She might not even realise what she is missing.

Play With The Other Kids

As the second time Mum of a newborn, everyone who visits makes a big fuss of the baby. My poor toddler gets looked over a lot of the time, which causes him to act out. So if you visit and your friend has other children, make a big fuss of them too. Get down and play with them, perhaps bring them a small toy. Make them feel special and important. Trust me, this will bring her so much gratitude and pleasure.

Keep Checking Back In

Postpartum Depression can often start 4-5 weeks after giving birth. It is also when the sleep deprivation really starts to kick in. It is also normally when people visiting and offering to help drops off. Make sure you check back in with your friend in six weeks, eight weeks, twelve weeks etc. She is still a new Mum even up to six months.

Do you have any other practical ways to help a new Mum? Please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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