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Sunscreen Options for Aussie Babies and Toddlers

by Jemma Fletcher (follow)
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Real opinions and recommendations from mums on the best sunscreen for your little one.

Across our platform of online mum groups, members regularly ask each other for advice and suggestions on a range of topics.

The following question is asked regularly – so we've collated the most popular sunscreens below, along with some opinions, and store websites for more information.

"Can anyone recommend a good sunscreen for toddler?"

SunSense Sensitive SPF 50

"SunSense Sensitive Invisible – paediatrician tested and baby safe."

"Yep I use this one too & no issues."

"I use this for the whole family!"

" My paediatrician recommends this one. We have found it to be great."

"Its the only one that doesn't give my kids and myself a bad reaction."

"Sunsense sensitive has been recommended by many leading dermatologist as only 2 ingredients and highest SPF proof."%%

"Definitely Sunsense Sensitive as it has the highest SPF coverage and also it's gentle on the skin! I have tried them all and have never had a problem with this one. Plus a lot of GPs recommend it... hope that helps."

View this sunscreen here.

Hamilton Baby & Toddler SPF 50

"We use Hamiltons family pump pack. I use it on my 15 month old and he hasn't been burnt at all."

"I use Hamilton for Toddlers... it’s 50 and gentle on their skin. My little guy unfortunately has gotten his mummy's pale skin so it’s very important for us to have a good one."

"Hamiltons is great!"

View this sunscreen here.

Cancer Council Kids Sunscreen Range SPF 50

"I use cancer council for sensitive skin. Have been using that sunscreen for 15 years."

"The Cancer Council Peppa Pig roll on has been great for us. Easy application and you can get it from Coles."

"I use the cancer council Peppa Pig spray on one and never had a problem."

View this sunscreen here.

Neutrogena® Sheer Zinc™ Baby Lotion SPF 50

"Neutrogena has a new baby sunscreen with zinc and it's been doing its job well in the full on NZ sun. You know it's gotta work if its that white and takes some rubbing in!"

"I got this one... it's so good it took 2 baths to get it out of my little ones hair lol... mind you i wasn't scrubbing."

View this sunscreen here.

MooGoo Natural Sunscreen SPF 40

A dozen votes for MooGoo!

"We use Moo Goo which doesn't have any chemicals in it."

"The Moo Goo SPF 40 has more zinc than the SunSense Sensitive SPF 50!!!"

"Moo Goo or Clear Sinks was the best for us... no rashes."

View this sunscreen here.

Wotnot Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

"Wotnot is my fave. It goes on a bit thick but has absolutely no nasties. Only SPF 30 but we spend a lot of time outdoors and my son has never been burnt."

"1 vote for Wotnot. My baby's skin is even better than mine, after using Wotnot 2 times."

View this sunscreen here.

Little Innoscents Natural Sun Lotion SPF 30

"We use Little Innoscents. Been good so far."

"Same here. Love it!"

"Little Innoscents is great!"

View this sunscreen here.

Natural Instinct Kids Sunscreen SPF 30

"I use Natural Instincts on my 2 year old. He has sensitive skin, absolutely no issues at all! Can get from Chemist Warehouse."

"We use Natural Instincts or Baby Bum on our 9 month old. Both available at chemist warehouse."

View this sunscreen here.

ABC Arbonne Baby Care Sunscreen SPF 30

"If you are after a vegan certified, pure and safe product without the nasties check out Arbonne baby care sunscreen."

"I would highly recommend the Arbonne ABC sun-cream SPF 30. Great for sensitive skin, absorbs quickly and dermatologist tested!!"

"Arbonne is great for my kid's sensitive skin as it's zinc based. I've never burned using it either and I'm a pale red head."

"Arbonne. My kids tell me they love it and its not greasy."

"Arbonne is definitely the best kids sunscreen."

View this sunscreen here.

Can you recommend any other sunscreens for babies and toddlers? Let us know!

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