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Tantrum Time With Nan

by Mina Keenan (follow)
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Oh! There you are Darling... we couldn't hear what you were saying when you were screaming.

Wee grandson Master Two and a half was fully into the tantrum stage of his life when they came to visit. His mum was flustered and trying her best to stop our place from becoming an upside down junkyard.

Grandad and I decided to go to the supermarket and thought it would be nice to take him, so mum and son could have a wee break from each other.

"Oh no you can't do that, he'll be terrible – you'll sooo regret it" she warned.

No sooner inside the supermarket, he let loose on not being allowed to feast on bulk bin lollies. A big fuss complete with yelling, crying and squealing, he planted himself on the ground, lay down with determination and began thrashing.

People were looking around to see who was being murdered; some appeared horrified and were tut-tutting as they passed.

What'll we do? Nothing.

We stepped around him and continued gathering our fruit and veg, talking to each other, deciding this and that. Once gathered, we strolled and turned the aisle.

At that point we were out of his sight. It may not have looked like it, but we were concerned. We stayed there, hunched and peeking around the corner keeping an eye on him. Passers by were now smiling and winking at us.

It seemed a while, but probably wasn't. Next thing we nearly missed him as he came around the corner following a bunch of shoppers. He was looking around for us and went straight past.

Crisis over! It was time to get back on track.

Oh! There you are Darling... we couldn't hear what you were saying when you were screaming.

We did our thing and trotted back home.

I am a little dismayed when I see people talking to children as if they were adults and should know better, while really talking down to them in certain situations.

Tantrums are a necessary phase of the learning/ growing up process.

It's where you learn:

Where boundaries exist
You are not the only one in the world
You don't get your way with wonky behaviour
You are learning how to fit socially
You are learning how to deal with disappointment

Most children have lived their lives up to this point being the focal point of other people's lives, where every need and whim is met.

As they get older, and they start to get about in life, the whims change... progress.

It's a frustrating time, but part of the big picture.

Editor Note: This is one writer's opinion. For another view on how to deal with tantrums, read Tantrums: Why We Need To Respond To Them Differently

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