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The Definition of a Mum Moment

by Sally (follow)
Motherhood (29)     
Fleeting snatches of peace and quiet

There is nothing quite like that feeling of complete calm that washes over you after you strap your screaming child into their carseat and close their door. It is like turning the sound off a raging stereo. You do that slow walk around the car in blissful silence to the front door. You take a moment to close your eyes and breath in, take in the fresh air and feel the wind in your mum bun. It is so quiet and peaceful. Until you muster up the courage to open that door and be once again engulfed in noise.

That is what I like to call 'A Mum Moment'.

Mum moments are fleeting snatches of time where you get a few minutes, even seconds, to yourself to get centred and experience a certain joy not associated with motherhood.

The pure bliss of a Mum Moment is hard to understand if you are yourself not a Mum Do not let your husband/partner/friend compare their quiet times to yours. Their moments stretch to hours. Or even days. It is not a fair comparison.

I want to be clear on the definition of a Mum Moment. To do this, I must tell you what it is definitely not. A Mum Moment does not include the time when your child is asleep. Period.

Despite what non-Mum’s may think, this time is not spent kicking back in your robe sipping on lattes. This time is critical and time sensitive and spent doing all those things that are vital to the wellbeing of your home, your family or yourself. I don’t class a Mum Moment as unloading a dishwasher, choking down a sandwich or squeezing in some work.

The time spent when your child is asleep is also a very tense time. Will your child wake after ten minutes? Will they sleep for three hours? You simply DO NOT KNOW. So therefore it is neither peaceful or relaxing.

Instead, a Mum Moment is a blissful moment in time where you truly step away from being Mum, either accidentally or incidentally. Because it is unexpected, it is truly joyful. Because it is fleeting, it is precious.

Here are some examples of Mum Moments:

Closing the door to the bathroom to pee and having it remained closed for the entirety of the time

Taking those first sips of a hot takeaway coffee while your child is distracted and before it inevitably goes cold

Washing the shampoo out of your hair because your eyes are closed and it feels so good

Putting on a bra that is both clean and does not come with breastfeeding straps

When the postman drops a parcel on your doorstep with your latest online purchase and you tear into the wrapping

Biting into a contraband item such as the white chocolate that nobody knows about but you, because you hid it in the saucepan in the cupboard

These are the moments that get me through the day.

What is your definition of a Mum Moment? Please share in the comments, I would love to hear it!


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