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The Very Best Things About Being A Mum

by Jemma Fletcher (follow)
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Every. Single. Thing! ❤️❤️❤️

Every now and then, you may find yourself down a rabbit hole of articles about the difficulties of motherhood.

We know every mother can relate, and Motherd certainly encourage those articles, but sometimes we also need a shining light to guide us back to the positives of being a parent.

We asked our platform of mum groups, "What is the very best thing about being a mum?" and you amazed us with so many lovely, funny and tear-jerking answers that we just had to share. Enjoy!

The incredible amount of cuddles and kisses

When they say I love you mummy 😊

The unconditional love from my little guy ❤️❤️

Listening to her describe how she’s feeling/what she did earlier that day/who she is etc 😊

When she reciprocates the cute things I do to her, like she grabs my face with both hands and says "I love you Mum! Why you soo cute!” I love that

Our dance parties 💃

When my girl shows me love and calls me mumma. I love that word

How crazy and cheeky they are. They are so cute and make me laugh so much.

Those little arms reaching around your neck for a hug

The funny things they say

The big smiles 😍

Very much his giggles and random laughing at nothing

That magic moment when they go from hating an activity to really enjoying it! My boy has hated waterplay and the beach, but this last week he has turned it all around and its just been a sigh of relief and pure joy to watch him just be a kid ❤️❤️❤️

When they are babies I love getting them to sleep holding them rocking them to sleep having that bond with them and the baby cuddles. Also the smell of them as babies

The cuddles on a bad day. The random things they do, mine tells me she’s proud of me when I’m not feeling great or says she loves me to the moon n back because I’m beautiful.

When her face lights up when I return and she leave everyone else in her dust because mums back 💜

I really love breastfeeding 😊

When their faces light up at the smallest things

When he runs to me for a giant hug and kiss 😍

I fall in love all over again when I check in on their sleeping faces 🙊

Walking into her room in the morning when she’s waking up and seeing her soooo excited to see me laughing and giggling and squalling with excitement. It melts my heart every morning xx

Hearing my son laugh at the simple things of life and setting how much of a happy boy he his with his gorgeous smile!

The first smile of a morning, the sloppy kisses and hearing his say mum mum 😍

When she grabs my cheeks and gets close to my face to talk to me ❤❤

Kisses. Wet, sloppy, unprovoked, chocolatey sticky tear kisses

How she smells right after a nap, when my 2.5 year old says Mummy, I love you and I miss you. When she does what she can to make me laugh when I'm sad.

Open mouth wet kisses to the face, cuddles and loving looks during breastfeeding; infectious laughter; giant raspberries to my belly and the fact that my little boy has the same ticklish spots as me and the same booty shake dance. 😂❤

Some of you were pretty deep:

Watching them succeed and being there for when they fall and all of it wouldn’t change it for the world

Having the privilege to help my little one grow into a half decent child 💕

Someone to call my own

Witnessing how quickly they learn and the learning process itself.

I love just staring at both my children knowing I cooked them 😍

True purpose and true love

When I see her show compassion and love it makes me feel so proud of her already 😃

Watching my precious girls love each other & getting to love them

That my body made something so beautiful and pure! And that I couldn’t imagine my life without my baby girl. The love you have for them is a love so strong and the smile they give you of a morning 😍

Watching my son learn something new literally everyday!! So amazing 😍

That little spark in her eyes full of life and excitment about EVERYTHING :) precious

Seeing my children grow, change, discover new things, just blessed to witness their journey to adulthood ❤

And some said silly, yet hilariously true things:

When they go to bed 😂

Having a legitimate excuse to drink wine every night. 🥂

Having a legitimate excuse for my temper tantrums 👍

That I get to rewatch all my favourite childhood movies and not be judged hahaha!

Having someone to be silly with all the time who even thinks it's as funny as I do.

Watching my daughter grow into an amazing, confident, pain in the arse, challenging girl 😉

Bossing around the little people

When he does.something without me having to flip my shit (13yo boy)

They are so gorgeous even though they drive me insane 😍

I think we can all agree that the very best thing about being a mum is:

Every. Single. Damn. Thing! ❤️❤️❤️

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My kids are all grown up and adults now but I have learnt so much from the two of them. My first taught me to view so many things differently. For example he taught me to be excited about seeing snails after it rained! I love my garden and therefore didn't want snails, but I found myself sharing the excitement of a little person when he showed me another snail making its way around the garden.
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