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Three Is A Magic Number

by Gem (follow)
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Three. Three is a magic number. Three is our magic family number.

The road to having ANY children was not an easy one for us. There was such desperation and anguish when we struggled to fall pregnant the first time. The emotions that came with the idea of not having any children overwhelmed me and to be honest, I was worried those emotions might come back if we didn't have a second child.

For a long time, I thought I would be 'less' if I didn't have a gaggle of children following, especially if I didn't have any children at all. Have you ever had those thoughts? Those thoughts are not true.

Instead, I find myself in an ocean of contentment. You (and me!) are more than enough just the way we are. No children, 19 and counting or one very lovable child.

There are pros and cons to every size family, but let me tell you why a family of three is so magical to me.

Sunday Snuggles

Okay, we steal them any day of the week! Those morning snuggles in bed. Our son loves being sandwiched between us.

The Odds Are Ever In Your Favour

There are more grown up hands in comparison to little hands. There is two against one if you prefer. Parenting is hard work and I really appreciate the moments I get to have a quick break when my husband spends one on one time with our son.

There are two sets of hands to hold when in a car park or crossing the road. There are two sets of hands to share bath time and bed time routine.


I get to enjoy and soak in as much of his younger years as I can. All parents do this, I know. However, for me, because I know there will not be another younger one coming, I fully appreciate the 'soaking in' of all the new seasons.


Even though I have fond thoughts of the newborn snuggles and the bond that is created during that season, I know I never have to go through that kind of sleep deprivation again!

When I was young and dreamed of having my own family, there were always six children. Six.

My husband is one of three children and I am one of two. So not huge families but not families of singletons either. When we decided to marry, it seemed reasonable to both of us that we would have a nice neat package of two children.

I never imagined I would decide to only have one child. I would never say no to welcoming another child into our family. Our son would make a great big brother. However, I am so surprised at the contentment we have being a family of three.

How many children are in your family? How many children would you like?

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