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To The Mum In The Bathroom: You Are Not Alone

by Cheesenose Adventures (follow)
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"You are not alone" is still one of the most neglected, forgotten and disbelieved comments.

To the mum in the bathroom, quietly hiding from everyone, wishing for a moment of peace and clarity. Where do you think I am writing this right now? You are not alone.

To the mum in the bedroom, tears bursting while she closes the door and slides down it like a scene in a movie. You are neither the first nor will you be the last to do that. You are not alone.

To the mum who has screamed at the top of her lungs in the middle of the night because the baby just won't shut up. Your neighbour with a newborn baby might have done the exact same thing last night. You are not alone.

To the mum who hasn't bathed for a week. If you go out now with your baby and other mums, you probably won't smell or look any worse than most of them. You are not alone.

To the mum who hasn't washed any dishes for more than a day. Contact me, so I can show you a picture of my kitchen last Sunday. You are not alone.

To the mum who's scared, ashamed, relieved and then feels guilty because of the relief she felt on leaving her baby for the first time. Take note of the dozens of baby monitors out there. Why? Because companies saw the demand for these cameras coming from mums and dads who want to see their precious ones even if they are away. You are not alone.

To the mum who hasn't moved in her bed for more than 4 hours because the baby is still latched onto her. You're probably bursting to pee or to scratch that nagging itch at an unreachable place. You've probably even seen memes about this moment shared across your social media accounts more than once, because most mums are relating to this exact moment. You are not alone.

To the mum who spilt milk all over the bed. There are plenty of articles on the internet about cleaning stains because they happen all the time. You are not alone.

To the mum who scours the internet for a similar picture of that tiny red bump her kid has, and then panics about the results. The reason you find so many related pictures is because others are seeing the same thing on their kids. You are not alone.

To the mum whose phone only consists of nursery rhymes, Disney, Peppa Pig, PJ Masks, Octonauts, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, Hey Duggee and Hi-5 songs. Let's trade playlists and mix it up. You are not alone.

To the mum who's struggling to find work that can fit into her crazy schedule of taking care of the house and her kids. There are websites that understand, cater to and inspire people looking for work just like you. You are not alone.

To the mum who's always away and the main interaction she has with her child is through a photograph. Talk to your co-workers and check out their desks (ask first!). Chances are, they have photos up, too. You are not alone.

To the mum whose child prefers their daddy, nanny, carer, grandparent or aunt/uncle over you, which makes you feel shattered. Try asking the preferred person to "build you up". Together, you are a team. You are not alone.

To the mum who has resented her partner because of a million different reasons. I'm going to take a wild guess – one of them is about them being able to sleep through the night unlike you and the baby. You are not alone.

To the mum who doubts her every decision. Go to the forums and you'll see others asking the same thing. You are not alone.

To the mum who feels lost and who doesn't want to admit she sometimes thinks of running away from everything. Let's meet up along the road and hold each other's hands, so nobody will ever get away. You are not alone.

To the mum who feels silly for having felt each and every one of these... I have experienced every single one too (and more). You are not alone.

There's a reason why posts like this are abundant. It's because despite reading countless articles, it's still one of the most neglected, forgotten and disbelieved comments: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.

Reach out to me, to us. Find comfort with the people who have experienced it. Not just with other mums, but with friends and family, too. Reach out to people who support you and ignore those who shame you.

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