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Why I Wish I Had Taken Maternity Photos

by Mina Keenan (follow)
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When someone tells you that you've got a glow, grab your camera and take a picture.

I've never really liked having my photo taken, and I've never been too hot on my own body image. I've always been shy and not looked at myself in the mirror much. There was not much photo-taking going on (non-digital) back then.

People say you bloom when you're pregnant... that you are glowing.

Research tells us that this is due to an increase in hormones, blood flow, and oil production, which contribute to the 'glow' condition.

I have always seen it as an overall state, so I haven't needed science to tell me it exists or the ins and outs to lessen the magic.

However, I am sure my own glow was internal. It manifested as an attitude thing. I still didn't look in the mirror much. Or have photos taken.

I didn't feel prettier or happier for the temporary new bust line.

But I felt different. Strong. Confident. Did I feel fat? Yes! Gloriously. Did I care about it? Not one iota. I felt fiercely protective and almost invincible.

A much better feeling than the one of feeling pretty.

Attitudes about pregnancy and photo taking are very different now. Once upon a time, women almost 'hid' during pregnancy or went about in clothes that tried to make you look thinner.

The time I noticed attitudes about pregnancy changing was when actress Demi Moore appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine in 1991 at seven months pregnant. It caused some fuss at the time.

I do wish I had the foresight to take/have taken photos of my pregnant self. Even if I might not have liked how I looked in them, they would still be visual reminder of the times I felt like some kind of Superwoman.


When someone tells you that you've got that glow on, trust what they say; grab your camera and take a picture.

They are seeing something you might not.

You maybe feeling sick, fat, exhausted, shy, have no makeup on etc... do it anyway.

You could always put the pics away or delete them if you really want to.

If this is you... try thinking to yourself, I am the youngest I'm ever going to be.

It would be nice to look back on together when baby is here.

The chances are, as you get older, you will smile and say, "that photo is actually not too bad."

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I had to beg people to take photos when I was pregnant. I'm glad I did now, but I'm sad that it was such a struggle.

I'm not a fan of being in a photo normally, but I waited so long for my son that I wanted to document everything about it. Even now I love to take selfies of the two of us.

I don't know how much of that is believing it would never happen for me though. I think I just wanted evidence that it was really happening at last.
O Leo, good on you. This piece was written 35 years later. Film processing was unaffordable to me. Bless you and yours xxx
Fair enough. It's definitely easier in the digital age. I have close to 1000 photos and over 40 videos of my son at 9 weeks old, which was highly unrealistic 35 years ago. I didn't realise there had been such a gap.
Wow! Its fantastic you were able to document (yay!) and yes, achievable today...

Have a few studio family photos when all were young, and some special snaps here and there but its a different story now with the gkids. Their folks are savvy and while I do snap some, I can choose from their stash hehehe.

Each generation has their 'things'...this one is digital hehe...xxx
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