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Wrong Medication Or Wrong Diagnosis

by Aunty Jess (follow)
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So today I woke up with a bit of pain in my left side of my abdomen Ė it was a bit itchy so I looked at it. Ah, a lovely red blotch. Been there done that, just havenít had the t-shirt printed yet.

I booked a doctorís appointment and when the doctor called me for my turn, I could see that she didnít seem all that enthusiastic. Ok, Doc, Iím pretty sure I have shingles. I have had it 5/6 times before Ė the red blotch is in exactly the same spot as every other time. I was told itís not shingles, but recurring something or other. Oh, and I was informed that the blotch would start further around my back. I pointed out it is in exactly the same spot as every other time, and that it has never started further round my back, but hey Ė why/how would I know my own body?

Chemist time: I hand over my script and sit and wait. A lovely chemist worker calls me over. The script translates to read that I will need 14 tablets, but the script is for 56. She informs me it is going to cost me $120! No way, I canít afford that, shingles or no shingles. Is there an alternative? Not for this tablet at this strength. The pharmacist comes over to see if he can help. He asks what my diagnosis was. I tell him I have shingles, but the medication that I have been prescribed is for Genital herpes... Erm no, I donít have genital herpes. I have the herpes virus same as chicken pox, but definitely not genital herpes.

I refuse to pay $120, so I have to contact the doctor for a different script. Well, that was another obstacle. The doctor wasnít impressed with me. The medication can also treat shingles so why would I question it? Well, because the pharmacy was a great help and advised me itís NOT the normal medication for this illness and because love, I donít earn the money that you do each year, so I canít afford that medication.

New script and back to the chemist Ė lucky me. I get to see the same members of staff. We have a laugh about it and now I am on a much cheaper medication. Rest assured, I do not have genital herpes. How would the doctor know if I had anyway Ė no tests were run, no inspection was done. In fact, she didnít lay one finger on me. I have shingles but I am not contagious unless you touch my weeping wound. If you did that, which I wouldn't allow you to, then you could get chickenpox if you havenít had them or haven't been vaccinated.

Best laugh of the day was school pickup as a few mums asked how I got on with the doctor and I canít help but laugh and explain that I was prescribed medication to treat genital herpes! Lesson learnt: ask the pharmacist questions and if you happen to be billed $120 for a script, pull the reins tight and query it. Have a great day everybody and here is hoping you never have shingles.

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